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Published: 31 October 2023


We'd like to hear your views about a Lane Rental scheme we are proposing to introduce on some of Oxfordshire’s busiest roads.

We know that when companies dig up busy roads, that it can cause disruption to road users. We are proposing to introduce a scheme whereby companies are charged for works that are undertaken during peak periods.

The proposal is to introduce a scheme that will drive behavioural change in those working in the street, so less works are done at busy times or the works are done in a different way, minimising the disruption the works cause to everyone using or relying on the streets.


Currently, all utility and council works undertaken in the streets of Oxfordshire are co-ordinated using a Permit Scheme that charges a fixed fee, at a maximum of £300, to only the utilities, to cover administration costs.


Lane Rental replaces this fixed Permit Fee with a daily charge of £2,500. It is only proposed on our most critical busiest streets and is restricted to roughly 5% of all the streets in Oxfordshire, by legislation. It applies to all works in the street, not just utility works and the council’s own works, such a housing developer works.

The daily charge only applies if the works are done in a normal way at the busy times of day, such as the morning and afternoon rush hours. The daily charge will produce surplus funds which will be reinvested back into Oxfordshire.

Lane Rental schemes have been successfully introduced in other councils and the Department for Transport are encouraging councils to implement them.

Have your say

Link to the consultation https://letstalk.oxfordshire.gov.uk/lane-rental-scheme-consultation.

Please read the ‘consultation document’ which will provide more information about the proposals.

  • Under ‘Technical documents’ you will be able to access more technical information about the proposals which utility companies are being provided with to inform their responses.
  • Please complete our online survey by clicking the ‘TAKE SURVEY’ found in the consultation page (link above). The survey will close on Friday 26 January 2024.
  • You can choose which questions to complete, but to complete the survey may take up to twenty minutes. If you have already registered, or register for, an account you can start the survey now and come back to it later.
  • Additionally, there is a map which displays the proposed lane rental streets where you can also provide comments and give your feedback.
  • Your responses will help us to consider if amendments should be made to the draft Lane Rental Scheme documents.
  • During the consultation period there will be an opportunity to attend a meeting, either in person or online to discuss any feedback you may have. Further information to follow.
  • If you are responding on behalf of an organisation, we encourage you to collate your feedback internally before submitting your response.