Please check before you chuck

Published: 19 September 2023

Please check it before you chuck it!

Keep an eye out for a sticker which will appear on your recycling bin soon encouraging you to ‘Check it before you chuck it.’

Every week thousands of the wrong items end up in our recycling bins by mistake. It can be very difficult to remove non-recyclable items and, if it’s food waste or other messy items then it could result in whole truckloads of recycling being contaminated and rejected.

We all need an occasional reminder to ensure we get it right, so we’re encouraging everyone to check our website before you throw things away.

Even if the label says that something can be recycled, you should still check to make sure – recycling labels on packaging are often incorrect and we may not be able to recycle that item locally.

By ensuring you only put the correct items in your recycling bin, you will play your part in helping to keep us among the top recyclers in the country!

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