County Council surveys

Published: 08 March 2023

Better Housing, Better Health Survey 2023

Scenario: you need help accessing warmer, healthier, more energy efficient housing. Do you:

• call a helpline,
• visit a website,
• start a WhatsApp conversation, or
• would you do something else?

We are building a new service to support people staying warm, healthy and independent at home in Oxfordshire and we want local people's ideas:


Help us improve sexual & reproductive health services in Oxfordshire

We are looking for confidential feedback from people in our communities who have accessed, or needed to access, sexual / reproductive health services in Oxfordshire.

In 2018, user feedback guided us to increase opportunities to access to sexual and reproductive health services, including online services and testing at home for sexually transmitted infections.

Let's keep improving this service together. If you have used services in Oxfordshire give us your thoughts: