Postage Stamps

Published: 06 December 2022

You may have seen letters with the new ‘barcode’ stamps.
If you have a supply of stamps without barcodes (apart from special picture and
Christmas ones) you will need to get them swapped out for new ones by 31 July 2023 - this is six months later than originally planned.
Royal Mail has organised a ‘stamp swap’ so that you can replace the old stamps with new
ones. However, this can’t be done at the Post Office – you need to send them away.

You need to download the 'Swap Out Form' from:

Count how many you've got to send back, calculate the total value and pop it in the post box - it's a freepost address.

The stamps are exchanged at the current market value:

First Class are £0.95 each

Second Class are £0.68 each

First Class Large Letter are £1.45

Second Class Large letter are £1.05

Please note, though, that this is a Royal Mail initiative and is nothing to do with the local Post Office.