Advice to prevent car theft

Published: 26 October 2022

It is not a nice feeling when you wake up in the morning or you are returning your car to find the doors wide open and items strewn across the seats or finding your car missing.
By taking a few simple steps you can protect your car and the belongings inside it from theft.
Keep your car doors locked and windows closed and check the sun roof if you have one.
Never leave your keys in your vehicle, even if you are just popping back into your house, running into a shop, whilst paying for petrol/diesel or de-icing the car. It may not be there on your return.
Be careful where you keep your keys. Keep out of view when at home and away from your front door and car.
Keyless car theft or "relay theft" is when a device is used to fool the car into thinking the keys is close by, This unlocks the car and starts the engine.
Put the keys in a screened or signal blocking pouch, such as a Faraday Pouch.
Very important to remove your purse, phone, or any other expensive items in your vehicle.
Avoid leaving shopping bags or other luggage in your car as they signal the presence of something new or valuable even if empty or just hold some groceries.
Secure items outside of your vehicle. Anything left on roof racks, tailgate racks, holiday top boxes or in tool chests are easily stolen when the vehicle is parked. The use of cable locks, padlocks and self locking tools chests which are secured to the vehicle makes them more secure, but still do not leave items in them if you can avoid it.
If you need to park your car on the road make sure you park under a street light.
Secure number plates with anti-theft screws available from car accessory stores.
Fit locking, anti-tamper wheel nuts to secure alloy wheels.
Store your car ownership information at home not in your car.
Most cars today come with a built- in alarm system, so when it is triggered it makes a loud noise which often will deter the thief as he will not want the attention the alarm brings.
You can also add a steering wheel lock, as this type of device attaches to your steering wheel and it immobilizes it until it is unlocked.
And lastly remember if you have locked your car via a fob always double check that your car is actually locked."
It may be worth keeping your remote locking keyfob in a tin to help protect against people picking up remote access details from outside.