Lewknor Parish Council consists of 6 councillors who serve the parish population of around 600, centred in the villages of Lewknor, Postcombe and South Weston. Details of your councillors are available on the Councillors page.

The Council meets 11 times a year (generally no meeting in August), generally on the 2nd or 3rd Monday of the month, in the evening. The meetings schedule gives details of upcoming dates, or you can look at the agenda and minutes of recent meetings. Council meetings are held in the Jubilee Hall, High Street, Lewknor.

Members of the public are always welcome to come and observe any of these meetings.
If members of the public want to speak at a meeting, there is a Public Participation Session. Any wish to address the council should ideally be made in advance to the Clerk. More details about public participation can be found in LPC's Standing Orders in Key Documents.

Details of the Clerk and Chair of the Parish Council are available on the Contact Us page.

The Neighbourhood Plan website is: www.lewknorparishnp.org

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